AccuCure Panel
Wide-area curing systems
AccuCure Lightbar
Flexible lightbar curing systems
Compact, low cost UV LED systems starting @ $895
AccuCure Spot
Modular spot curing systems

Digital Light Lab provides ultraviolet illumination systems for curing applications. Our patent-pending LED curing AccuCure lamps have UV curing applications in the medical device, adhesive, coating, and printing industries. These industries demand accurate UV curing lamps and equipment to support their research, development, manufacturing, and quality control challenges. Our AccuCure lamps use state-of-the-art UV LED technology for ultimate accuracy. Employed in each phase of a product lifecycle, our systems ensure seamless integration, from formulation to manufacturing, providing our customers with a shorter time to market and better, more consistent products.

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Read our whitepaper published in RadTech Report featuring our LightBar on its cover.

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