Monday 01 November 2010 - 11:13:46

UV LED Accessory Kit for Perkin Elmer DSC & DMA

Photo-chemists and material scientist developing UV curable material rely on analytical instruments such as Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) or Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (DMA) for formulation and characterization activities. Digital Light Lab has developed a UV LED Accessory Kit for Perkin Elmer’s 8000/8500 Series DSCs and 8000 Series DMAs. It offers a superior accuracy, precision, and ease of use as compared to traditional Mercury-arc lamp systems. The Kit contains the UV LED illumination head, controller with trigger, control software, and mounting fixture. The UV LED Accessory Kit allows the users to dial in the UV intensity at sample and reference cells in radiometric format (i.e. mW/cm2) or in relative format (i.e. %) and to control the exposure cycle while synchronized with DMA or DSC software. Multiple UV wavelengths including 365-nm, 385-nm, 400-nm, and 420-nm are supported.

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