The CompactCure family of products offer the UV LED superiority with simple ease of operation. This is accomplished by an innovative all-in-design that contains the high-powered UV LED, optics, driver, controller, and active cooling all packaged in a compact enclosure. The CompactCure offer several different UV wavelengths including 365-nm, 385-nm, 400-nm, and 420-nm. There are also two different focusing optics to provide different UV patterns and intensities. Each unit may be powered by 24V DC and the output flux may also be easily adjusted by the user.

Accurate Wavelengthnarrow spectrum eliminates undesired wavelengths
Compactsmall size and ease of installation in confined areas
Ease of useturnkey, all-in-one design with LED, controller, and cooling
Flexibilityvarious beam angles, fiber optics, and light guide interface
Modularconfigurations of multiple different topologies and wavelengths
Long lifetimeLED technology ensures an efficient and long lifetime
Green Technologyenvironmental friendly, high efficiency LED technology