AccuCure Panel

The AccuCure Panel family of products are innovative UV or visible light sources targeted for large area photo curing processes. Their architecture provides radiation patterns in range of several feet. Optional sectional based control enables providing different radiation pattern at different part of the panel. Companion controllers may offer manual control or PC-based or PLC-based control. The LED heads may operate at different UV wavelengths such as 365-nm, 385-nm, 400-nm, or 420-nm.

Accurate Wavelengthnarrow spectrum eliminates undesired wavelengths
Convenientturnkey solution, fits easily into target environment
Ease of usemanual control or optional software and PLC control
Modularvarious length, width, and wavelength configurations
Long lifetimeLED technology ensures an efficient and long lifetime
Energy efficienthigh efficiency UV LED technology
Green Technologyenvironmental friendly