Technical Support

UV illumination and measurement systems may seem simple but are rather tricky endeavors. We at Digital Light Lab understand the challenges that you may face with understanding, selecting, installing, operating, and maintaining our UV curing systems. We provide technical support during pre-sale and post-sale including feasibility studies, specifications, operating manuals, software updates, and engineering drawings for our standard and custom UV curing systems. Please contact us with any technical support that you may need.


Accurate UV curing and UV measurement systems require accurate optical calibrations. We offer NIST traceable calibrations for our UV curing and measurement systems. We also provide calibration reports on request and can discuss our calibration methods and specifications with your technical team. All calibrations and re-calibrations are performed in-house by our trained experts. Please contact us with any additional information that you may need regarding our calibration services.

Maintenance Agreements

We also provide several different maintenance agreements for all of our products based on our customers’ needs. Our maintenance agreement can cover from hardware, software, firmware, calibrations, upgrades, and technical support. Please contact us to discuss and select the appropriate maintenance program that you may need.


All our standard and custom developed products are warranted against faulty materials and workmanship. Our warranty covers parts and labor needed to repair defects that occur during the warranty period. The warranty period varies for different products. Please contact us to get additional information on our warranty.