About Us

Thank you for choosing Digital Light Lab. We are proud to be an innovator in the field of solid state UV curing systems. We are located in Knoxville, Tennessee in the heart of Tennessee Technology Corridor with close vicinity and working relationship with University of Tennessee (UTK) and Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL). Teaming with our customers, we develop cost-effective performance-optimized UV LED systems ranging from small portable systems to high-powered systems for most demanding applications. These are complete turnkey systems including UV LED modules, controllers, and control software. Development of such systems are made possible by our strong R&D team with diverse expertise in the areas of LED technology, thermal management, electronics, optics, mechanical design, and software.

Our involvement with UV LED technology started back in 2003 which we developed a custom LED curing system for a large medical device manufacturer. Since then, we have developed a number of standard and custom products to support many aspects of UV curing activities ranging from new material formulation, process development, and production equipments. Our standard line of products offer large selections of UV LED systems intended for various UV curing applications. We also offer customization to our current product lines as well as full custom developments.

Our flagship product AccuCure continues to offer scalable modular solutions for various wavelengths and beam patterns including spot, line, and flood. Our latest product line is DigitalUV which offers high-power and high-intensity systems for high-speed curing applications. We are also launching our brand new CompactCure products which are intended for cost-sensitive portable-applications. We have also updated our controller technology which they can now operate with either USB or Ethernet interface.

We look forward to working with you and we appreciate you choosing us to be your UV curing system partner.